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Meet the Academic Director

Dr. Gregory V. Selby Sr.

Dr. Gregory Vincent Selby is a native of the State of Delaware, but spent his precollege years on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. He attended public schools in Accomack County, Virginia, graduating from Mary N. Smith High School in 1966, as Valedictorian of his senior class. He has earned six degrees, including Bachelors Degrees in Aerospace Engineering, Psychology and Theology; a Masters Degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Doctorate Degrees in Applied Science and in Theology. He has worked for NASA for 12 years as an aerospace engineer and is a 37-year veteran of the classroom. He taught in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at Old Dominion University for 33 years, retiring in 2016 and subsequently, awarded the status of Professor Emeritus.

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Message From Assistant Director

Gregory V. Selby II

During my time with NASA AESP (service project), several years ago, before my own kids, I traveled nationally, to public schools, private schools, museums, local events, and youth facilities, organizing workshops to motivate students, exposing students to new educational technologies...promoting innovation in education and offering resources to students in need, with eligibility for every US state. Over the years, I have organized or been a part of numerous other successful projects for talented young people, through the public school system, through the Parks dept., through Howard University and through my own licensed businesses. In every endeavor, community synergy has been both central and essential to empowering our young people to make the right moves and accomplish great things. I believe community support and preparation breeds opportunity. I am working to help prepare our youth starting this July, in a program that will be challenging both mentally and physically for them. This is an invitation and announcement for all parents and caregivers local to the Hampton Roads, VA area for a STEM / Coding Camp opportunity, which will also include athletics, as well. If your child does not meet the camp age requirements suggested, please contact me and I will keep you updated on upcoming all ages-activity events.