Steam Academy is stepping into the new frontier of learning. We strive to educate students beyond the classroom. We connect students with educational leaders at universities, tech companies and government agencies, such as NASA, who provide students with guidance and challenges. We encourage values like curiosity, respect, and resilience. Our aim is to treat every child as an individual so that they are as prepared as they can be for the next stage of their educational lives.


We want our students to question what they see, hear, and read.


We know that beyond the lessons that we teach, our students are children who are discovering the world. To us, sensitivity is a representation of strength.


We encourage our students and educators to show a mutual respect to one another. Everyone should be afforded manners and kindness.


We believe that every child should have the confidence to know who they are and what inspires them. Every student is treated as an individual.


We encourage ingenuity and creativity, and we give every child the space to realize where they might be headed.


We allow our students to find lessons in failure, to try things that make them work a little bit harder, and to appreciate that it's possible to bounce back.

Our goal is to develop students who are creative, courageous and respectful.